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Workpermit for Thailand
Workpermit for Thailand

Work permit for Thailand

The most important requirements for granting a work permit in Thailand is to have a valid visa. Without the appropriate visa you may not apply for a work permit. Paid work without a work permit is a serious criminal offense in Thailand so please make sure you have a valid visa.


  • In a Thai company where the employee is a foreigner, they must have a registered capital of two million baht per alien and at least four Thai workers on permanent contract.
  • In a Thai company where the employee is a foreigner, they must conduct proper accounting and pay all required taxes in Thailand.
  • You must submit an employment contract stating that you are not working at any jobs that are prohibited for foreigners in Thailand. We advise you to be cautious as this issue often is misunderstood. A foreigner may for example not work as a waiter or a chef, but can as a manager or executive chef of a restaurant or hotel.
  • School and University certificates (diplomas) or vocational training certificates.
  • You must have a valid passport with the correct valid visa.
  • A residence confirmation issued by your embassy or the local Thai immigration office.
  • A health check certificate issued by a Thai hospital, which explicitly confirms that you are not suffering from leprosy, acute tuberculosis, elephantiasis, and syphilis, or dependent on alcohol or drugs.
  • Current photo of you must be 3×4 cm.
  • Recent photo of the employer’s company and location map.