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Business activities are not really a problem in Thai­land, not even for aliens. Nevertheless everybody planning to to start or take over a company in Thailand, should be aware of the fact that there are serious distinctions in proceedings compared to western countries. To be successful from the beginning in Asia, you need a consulter who knows exactly what it takes. To achieve these aims, Vimami not only provides a common roof of all services offered, but is also the key to your long-term success.

As we know from our many years of experience, the very first question of a new client is always about to safeguard his investment over a long term. Let us highlight to you feasible paths that could lead to this goal. How to entirely legitimate and very easily gain full control over your newly-created company in Thailand? We would gladly inform you about the possibilities of Vimami in a non-binding, personal conversation, and ensure you complete confidentiality and discretion. For an appointment please use our contact form.

But we also consult private individuals, not planning any business activities in Thailand, matters, without exception, which are relevant to western expatriates. We speak your language and understand, gained through experience, your worries in regards to buying properties, marriage, testaments or applying for visa.

The opinion Thailand was no constitutional state, the principle of "might makes right" would apply and foreigners had no rights whatsoever, is misapprehension. What indeed is true is the fact that many thing are done differntly in Thailand or individually regulated. The platitude different countries, different customs confirms itself day by day. But whoever does it the right way, will meet his standards and will save money and stress further down the line. We can help find the best option for you.