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Consulting for private individuals

Vimami Private Consulting

There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person's lawful prey.

John Ruskin’s quote applies in particular to consultants and their contemporaries abroad who try to save money in private investments and decision-making. Profound and adapted consulting for an individual case does have its price. Vimami is not counted as one of the cheap law firms, but we sure rank to one of the best. In the end this ultimately pays off for you personally.

Personal legal protection by Vimami can significantly reduce costs.

Acquisition and lease of real estate

The fundamental approach when buying or leasing property in Thailand depends on whether you are married to a Thai national or living together in a marriage like relationship, or are a foreign couple or individual who wish to settle down in Thailand. Details of our recommended procedures can be found here.

Fiduciary management

We do not only offer fiduciary management for real estates but for all matters where it comes to the administration of assets. This applies for example to the management of a heritage and the regulation that the beneficiary does not receive the entire estate in one instance, but in monthly instalments destined for their education and or support of their livelihood. This is one example and many configurations are possible which we are more than happy to explain to you in a personal meeting at one of our offices.

Marriage and agreements

We support you in the compilation of the required documentation of your Thai partner for marriage in Thailand. This includes the production of legal translations and registration by the responsible embassy.

Marriages which were not entered into in Thailand must be subsequently registered at the responsible municipal authority, where your Thai partner is registered, for the marriage to be recognised in Thailand. Same-sex marriages registered outside of Thailand are not officially recognised.

It is possible to enter a marriage agreement in Thailand. However such a marriage agreement must be registered on the marriage day at the local municipality. If you wish, we can accompany you on that day to oversee the whole process and act as witnesses.

Custody and adoption

In Thailand only married couples are allowed to adopt children. At least one spouse must be of Thai Nationality. The children of a spouse can be adopted easily. Children with foreign nationality can thus acquire a residence visa and then Thai Nationality.

The same conditions apply for orphans (for example from fatality incidents), who may also be adopted by married couples.

The adoption of adults is not permitted. Even for Thai married couples.


If you are married to a Thai national you will require a judicial divorce verdict issued by the responsible court in order for your divorce to be recognized by the local authorities in your home country. The common practice in Thailand to submit divorces at the municipal office is possible for foreigners as well, but the issued divorce certificate may not be recognised by the authorities abroad even though you are legally divorced in Thailand.

We will manage the required translations and legalities of the divorce certificate on your behalf and upon request we will manage the recognition process in your home country through the competent foreign ministry (embassy). For more information please read the family law section on this page.

Civil and Criminal law for private persons

We assist you in the negotiations with the Immigration office in the event of violation of your visa (overstay). In the event of overstay you should contact our offices immediately as you may be arrested by the police in a security check. In case that you have already been arrested you should contact us immediately, if necessary directly from the Police Station or the Immigration Office. If the overstay is only for the period of a few days, and you arrive at the Passport inspection at the airport, you can pay the accumulated fine directly (Currently 500 Baht per day). We strongly advise that you do not overstay your visa, but rather extend your visa accordingly before it expires. We would gladly be off assistance.

We will also assist you with filing a notice of loss with the police for the loss of documents such as passport, ID cards, or credit and debit cards. This notice of loss is required for all replacements and recovery.

In cases with minor accidents and no civil law disputes, (Neighborly dispute, Lease disputes and others) we will try to work out a fair, extrajudicial agreement that satisfies both parties. If you receive a penalty charge notice by mail, we will negotiate with the police and arrange for the payment of the fine on your behalf.

If a mutual settlement is not possible we will represent you in court, in both civil and criminal cases, with our own lawyers.

Thai Drivers licenses

In Thailand vehicles are only permitted to be driven with either a valid national driver’s license in conjunction with an international driver’s license, or a valid Thai driver’s license. Upon request we can arrange for an international driver’s license if you have previously acquired a Thai driver’s license.

Last will and private legal agreements

If you wish to regulate properties and assets that are located in Thailand or testamentary trust regulated assets, we recommend that you draft a last will for Thailand. With such a last will you can be assured that intestacy rule of decent in your home country is excluded and the succession will only follow according to Thai law. As a registered law firm in Thailand Vimami Co., Ltd. is entitled to draft, enforce and manage last wills. In the case of inheritance law a personal consultation is always necessary.

For agreements made between private persons, it should be noted first that the agreements must be drafted in Thai and second that the given formal requirements are fulfilled. If an agreement is made in German and Thai then only the Thai version will be legally valid. In the event that the agreement was made only in German then for a lawsuit such agreement will need to be translated into Thai.

Agreements should always be made in triplicates with identical context and signed by two witnesses. These two witness and the two contractual parties should attach copies of their identification to the agreements. The third copy can then be deposited at our office.

Visa and Residence-Visa

Please refer to this page.