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Legal representation and consulting

Vimami legal certificate

Vimami Co., Ltd. is a government approved law firm in Thailand entitled to act as a fiduciary in the handling of monetary funds or other property held in trust for our clients.

We only work with our own permanent Thai lawyers. We do not assign any external lawyers. We represent our clients in the areas of:

  • Commercial law
  • Fiscal law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Labour law
  • Family law

Criminal law

In Thailand the police, in contrast to Europe are already the first instance of the administration of justice. It is important that after an arrest by the police you already have legal representation and assistance to ensure that your rights are respected. After your mandate is issued you will be represented in all instances by our law firm.

We will also represent you in cases in which you are the aggrieved party and you have the intention of filing a criminial complaint at the court.

Examples can be seen at our blog under criminal law.

Civil and labour law

Our representation in civil law includes filling or defending against private lawsuits. For example such cases as neighborhood disputes, legal enforcements or claim for compensation (damages). These types of cases can be handled either in court, or in the prelimentary negotiation stage for an extrajudical settlement.

With regard to labor law we represent either the employee or the employer in court (Labour Court) and support you if requested in advance in extrajudicial negotiations with the opposing party and the Labour Office.

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Family law

A divorce can be submited in Thailand at any time by a mutual agreement of both partners at the registry office. In order for your divorce to be valid for a registered binational marriage, which is recognized in your home country, it is necessary that you are in possession of a translated and certified court verdict. In an amicable divorce we can represent both partners and work out a contract agreement which leads to a judgement by the family court without the need for a trial prior to a court hearing and time given for consideration.

In the case where an amicable divorce from your partner is not an option we will represent you solely and submit the divorce at the family court where we represent your interests in the subsequent court trial.

Furthermore we have many years of experiences in regards to rights of custody and with the adoption of the biological children of your spouse or Thai orphans.

For inheritance cases we represent you in front of the family court and we also induce the issuance of the certificate of heirship which is required for the ownership transfer of properties, or for the access to bank accounts. If due to reasons of age or health the beneficiary is unable to travel to Thailand to appear before the court; with legal appointment we are able to act in escrow on his behalf. The certificate of heirship would then be issued to a person of your trust (this could not be the same lawyer who is in charge of your case) and this can also be used for the transfering of funds abroad.

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