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Business transactions are no obstacle for foreigners in Thailand. However, every individual wishing to work or to establish a firm in Thailand must be aware of the fact that there are serious differences when compared to western countries. To ensure complete and thorough success it is advisable to consult a professional who has all the required knowledge in advance. The advantage that all of our services are consolidated ensures business success from the very first day.

Our many years of experience show that the most important question is always based on how an investment can be protected over a long period of time. We will outline feasible solutions for the required protection of your assets. You will be informed in a personal non-binding consultation on how you can legitimately gain full control over a newly established firm in Thailand. Please use the contact form to make an appointment with one of our offices.

We also consult private persons, in particular foreign expatriates, in all matters even if they are not planning on undertaking business activities in Thailand. We communicate in your preferred language and our many years of experiences allows us to understand and respond to your worries with regards to the acquisition of private properties (Acquisition of land and house), entering marriage, drafting of a last will or with the application of a required visa.

The general assumption that Thailand is not a constitutional state, that only the rights of the stronger apply, and the foreigner has no rights, is surely not the case. One fact which is indeed very true is that many issues are individually dealt with and regulated differently in Thailand. The platitude of "different countries different customs" confirms itself here. However, the individual who acts in the correct manner will be entitled to their rights and will save money and avoid any future troubles. We are more than happy to assist you in establishing your business or residence needs.