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  • Legal protection for firms
  • Vimami Rechtsschutz
  • Premier Membership

Vimami legal protection for firms

  • This service is for firms only.
  • he monthly service fee will be charged according to the registered company capital; for firms with a registered capital of up to 2 Million Baht the monthly service fee is 9.800,00 Baht.
  • Minimum contract period is one year.
  • We are happy to calculate our service fee for firms with a registered capital exceeding 2 Million baht upon request.
Group Service
Consulting Supportive management consulting
Controlling and accountancy proposals
Personnel Recruitment of employees
Employment agreements
Evaluation of employee applications
Documents and Applications Renewal of the work permit *
Preparation of application documents for Non-O/B visa *
Dispute resolutions Negotiating and finding solutions with government agencies and institutions
Messenger service 5 messenger trips

* Administrative fees are charged separately.