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Company Management

Company Management

If you have the intention of establishing a branch of a European firm in Thailand or its neighbouring countries, but you are unable to be present yourself, we will gladly support you in finding the suitable location, setting up the company infrastructure and the legal construction of your company. In all concerns we try to establish continuity between the familiar European and Asian local conditions.

Such a set-up occurs often within European firms who wish to completely or partially move the production sector to Asia whereas the Management and the customer relations remain at the head office. As a consequence of this managers often lack the required time to intensively resolve all concerns in the production facility and therefore seek a trustworthy domestic partner with profound knowledge of the Asian local conditions.

  • Development of a customized company construction
  • Extensive search for suitable location
  • Infrastructure, machinery and furnishing
  • Selective choosing of employees and training of executives
  • Business plan, income statement

If it is economical, administratively suitable for both parties, and there is high liquidity we are not reluctant to participate financially or invest in the firm.