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Company establishment in Thailand

In Thailand, there are at least three relevant possibilities for foreigners to start a business:

  • The Company Limited – comparable to a German GmbH
  • The limited partnership
  • Company under the Board of Investments

The Company Limited

One of the most popular ways for foreigners to start a business is as a Company Limited. A minimum registered corporate capital of 2 million baht is required if you are applying for a work permit. The law requires having three shareholders; foreigners can own a maximum of 49% of the shares and 51% of the share must be held by Thai nationals. There may be two foreigners and one Thai national or two Thai nationals and one foreigner. The firm’s capital must be increased by 2 million baht, for each additional foreigner who requires a work permit. Four Thai employees must be hired and registered with the Social Security Office for each foreigner employee.

Other regulations apply to Americans (if they are the shareholder). We will explain to you in person.

The limited partnership

The limited partnership is usually established by foreigners, who would like to start a business with a Thai partner. If the foreign partner plans on working in the company they will always require a work permit, this legal form does not differ with respect to the company's capital and the required Thai employees. In a Limited Partnership the firm owner can only be a Thai national and the alien may only be a partner.

Company under the Board of Investments

The biggest difference between firms operating under the BOI in Thailand and the two previously mentioned forms, is that foreigners can hold the majority of the firm’s capital. Advantages and disadvantages must be carefully considered and tailored to the individual circumstances and requirements. This is only possible in a personal consultation at one of our offices. We can advise you on the legal steps required, so please feel free to contact us.