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Our real estate services


Buying properties is a matter of trust, this is probably even more so if you buy abroad. All properties offered by us in this section were clarified in advance. You can be absolutely sure that land tenures have been dealt with and all necessary documents are present and alright.

Legal issues as buying a plot of land from someone who is in fact not the owner or that it is mortgaged property, will not arise.

We clarify in advance:

  • Review of land titles (Chanot – โฉนดที่ดิน) with the competent authorities.
  • Can it really be used as construction land or is it for agricultural use only?
  • In which residential zone is the land located? (Important for the type of deveolpment.)
  • Who is the owner of the property?
  • Is there any credit secured either by mortgage on immovable property or by a right related to that immovable property?
  • If the plot of land is not located next to a public road, what about the right of way? You must have access to your land anytime, after all.

Additional services:

  • Elaboration of all necessary contracts (act of sale, constituting a mortgage, lease contract, lifelong right of use and enjoyment).
  • Support in change of ownership of a property or registration of a sales contract.
  • Support in recordation of contracts relating to lifelong right of use and mortgages.
  • Assistance in changes of the house-ledger (Tabien Baan, blue) for your Thai spouse and in application of a  yellow house-ledger for aliens.
  • Application of building licenses and elaboration of contracts with construction companies.
  • Fiduciary administration of your property.